The sunscreens are a necessary protection for our skin care during both the summer and winter. Let’s see how to use them correctly, choosing the most suitable products and applying them in order to ensure a sufficient protection to prevent redness, burns and dark spots .

The skin protection from UV rays and essential to prevent diseases of the skin, particularly redness and possible burns. Recent studies have also shown that exposure to sunlight may facilitate the aging of the skin and the appearance of premature wrinkles. Habitually use of solar filters will allow us to maintain the beauty of the epidermis longer. We choose a moisturizer as a base for makeup that contains an SPF lower in winter and higher in summer, or a foundation with sunscreen.

The sunscreens have a different level of effectiveness, depending on the protection factor, or SPF, according to the directives of the European Union we have 4 main categories: low, medium, high and very high. The numbers run from 6 to 50 or 50 +, so we can easily choose the one that suits us according to the sensitivity of our skin. Usually, embodied clear and rose wines are more delicate and require an SPF higher than those dark and olive scales. Do not forget that after 6-12 months sunscreens expire and lose their effectiveness, thus no longer be used as protection.


Among the different products that we can use, in addition to creams, we oils and after-sun oil and solar ‘useful to have a greater hydration , especially when exposure to the sun tends to make it dry our skin, in addition, it facilitates the tan. The after-sun and ‘indispensable to soothe the redness after a tan on the beach and to return to the skin fluids lost through sweating We find, moreover, creams enriched with nourishing plant extracts or with a percentage to facilitate self-tanning tanning cream should be applied to all parts exposed to sunlight, avoiding exposing ourselves in the hottest hours , and when we do we will roll out the bathroom several times, repeating the operation: Use of water-repellent creams can be a good way to keep them longer on the skin Product is not’ effective just is spread on the skin, but only after the absorption, it is advisable, therefore, to use it before you leave home , in order to have a complete and active shielding.