To make a nail art vintage, all you have to do is choose your favorite transparencies, place them on a paper plate and use a small tool for punctuation (an acrylic brush but also a toothpick or a ballpoint pen will be fine). The colors that you will need are: bright pink, the dark red and light green. In the steps that follow you will find a detailed explanation of how to make a vintage nail art.

Run the base coat, with light green, wait for it to dry and create three or four irregular patches of color bright pink, to form the petals of a flower. You should execute the petals with the brush, as it is small and easy to control (not create them on all the nails, but alternately), the petals do not have to be perfectly rounded and smooth, but it is important to leave enough space between one and the other. After a couple of minutes to dry, it is time to create the details, using the instrument of punctuation, to draw on the petals of the flower, a comma (or a parenthesis), using the red nail polish.


The comma is created, it must be from the center of the petals, to the open edge. On the other nails, created with the brush of white polka dots, making small circular movements. Once the polka dots, wait a few minutes for drying. On the nails where you made ​​the flowers, add leaves, dabbing and dragging three points together in a triangular shape, creating a point in two at the base near the flower; involved the enamel to the point of the leaf.

After you have given enough time to dry and polish set itself, will only run the top coat nail Make sure you have a good amount of drying quick “top coat” on the brush, trying to slide it over the “top coat”, not doing come into contact with the under-glaze, in addition, if you can, avoid going to the same place more than once. These final steps, we need to avoid any streaks on your nail art, in so that finishing, small imperfections, which initially seemed to macroscopic, recede into the background, not more tandoori Once the trim, wait three or four minutes that the glaze settles and boast of your beautiful nail art vintage .