Here we are in the middle of summer, a season eagerly awaited by the women who certainly allows to dare to regard the trick. This time of year you schedule vacations, weekend outings to the sea, weekend of fun in the tourist resorts most frequented and popular, relaxing hours in the pools. In these occasions you can indulge and show off with intelligence and elegance through not only the costumes, but also do the trick. We can make a make up wet in a few simple steps: it will be a light make-up, but at the same time lively and brilliant, especially that will help us to bring out our summer tan . It will be suitable not only for the evening, but also as a make up day care. Let’s see what are the steps to follow.


The face: The skin will be prepared by thorough cleansing and applying a mask astringent or sebum-balancing. The strength of this trick will be above the skin to the natural, that in the summer, thanks to the benefits of the sun, will generally be brighter. In the event that they were present on the face of the little flaws we can use to cover a thin veil of foundation, otherwise we will choose only a lighting product to be applied between the nose and the inner corner of the eye and in the area of dark circles. These bright areas will attract attention at the most illuminating his face.

Eyes: To make a wet and totally glamorous we focus on the eyes. On the market of the specific dual-use eye shadows that can be used on the eyelids wet: the effect will be very bright and extreme durability. The colors shown are those pearly and light tones such as pale pink, ivory and silver. To add still more light we can opt for a white pencil or black glitter. The mascara should be strictly black, but lighter. To give lips a wet look to the mouth of the gloss must choose light-colored ultra-bright. The pink and peach tones to create a natural look We’ll have to rework often in order to prevent it from drying out thus losing their wet effect.