A model. Which external requirements you must meet as a male model? Length, sizes and ages for male models as men Do you ever think about fashion model be? Then you stuck wondering what requirements (length and size) you would like to meet. How do you know if you are suitable for the modeling? We have this interesting question to Elisha Tin tori, broker (agent) of the professional fashion Joy Model Management modeling in the fashion city of Milan. And that’s what they had to tell us.

Which external requirements, You (as a man) if you want to be model meet? length, sizes,age?

You could say that you usually begins in length. You must be at least 1.83m and maximum 1.89m. This requirement is made ​​because the sizes of the dress. If you are tall then that is a problem (read: short sleeves and short pants etc). Conversely, for the minimum length of 1.83m (this is also the minimum in addition to a female model which most are very long stand). The age for male models start at 14 years and there are even male models 50. Of course it depends on many more factors if you are suitable as a model. 28 is a model of a professional and already at that age will never begin, or, in any case, it is not likely. Usually begins in the age group of 14 to 22/23.


And of course there are exceptions. It will be clear that if a pattern emerges of 1.82 with a super cute face modeling it as a rule it will dare and it also very well could go! This is a question I am often asked: I am model or shows I walk ? There is no difference! The only thing is that for the shows 1.85/1.86m usually at least should be, with a maximum of 1.89m. A length of the 1.87/1.88m is usually perfect. But it will also depend on the fashion designer. I also men of 1.83m shows walk.