They are between 13 to 17 years. And a little inferior to colleagues biggest. They are the fashion bloggers in the grass. Are still in junior high, but Fabiano school already among fellow browse more

Let’s call them, for our convenience, teen fashion blogger . Are girls aged 12 to 17 years leading fashion blogs and have little to envy their colleagues bigger. writing this article, I discovered a vast world around the theme of teen fashion blogger and spread all over the world. It is teenager who love shopping, fashion and be photographed. Immortalize their look, purchases made, their own bedrooms. They come from all over the world use digital media with great dexterity. doing research on these fashion blog “teen” the network continued to suggest results related to Tavi Gevinson (you all know, right?) but these blogs have little to do with Style Rookie.

Rather, following the trend of outfits blogger par excellence shots from the life of every day, atmosphere and feminine short post dedicated to the love a garment or accessory. Scroll these blogs can be interesting because the teenager trendy not miss out on a trend (bleached hair, the denim vest, boots Texans) and reinterprets the most imaginative and eye-catching . In turn, they are an inspiration to other young girls, but also for the older ones: this is something we must realize the giant Macy’s , which last September organized an event dedicated exclusively to teen fashion bloggers, calling them to create outfits boutique. ‘s teen fashion bloggers use with skill all the social networks, from Facebook to Twitter via Instamatic.


Have profiles on platforms like fashion Look book. nu and Polyvore where they interact with each other and find new readers. Use Ipad, smartphone, SLR cameras and programs for photo retouching. Organize competitions on their blogs (the famous giveaway) and sell their clothes online. Surprises? No! After all, think about it: how many of us had a diary at that age? Habit, in the present, can find a spontaneous evolution in their fashion blog: fashion is for everyone and new media allow you to get away. should be said, however, that parents have a difficult task: to protect the image and the safety of their daughters, whose goal is to be visible to people as possible.