Until a few years ago, many were circulating on the market jewelry made ​​of precious material. Today, fortunately, thanks to the awareness both on the part of the people of the bodies, this material is not available and the animals preserved. We are talking of ivory. As with all materials, this also requires maintenance, then here are some tips on how to clean ivory jewelry.

In nature, the ivory looks very white, but with time and wear, it tends to turn yellow and covered with a patina that makes it opaque objects made ​​with it. With regard to the objects in general the classic amber color gives it a vintage look and pleasing to the eye. While on the other hand with regard to jewelry, this film is completely out of place. So inappropriate. For their cleaning we can use some methodologies, which in turn, provide for the use of natural ingredients and non-aggressive. The first procedure is as follows. Take a bowl whose magnitude is able to contain all our jewelry. Pour into hot water, but not boiling, add a tablespoon of baking soda Mix with your hands until the powder is completely dissolved. At this point we just have to soak our jewelry and leave them to soak for at least 30 minutes. Of course, the liquid should completely cover the objects.


After the time we get our jewels and with a toothbrush, begin to rub the surface lightly, without exerting any pressure. Once everything will be perfectly clean, we should not do anything but pass them under cool running water. In this way, it definitely will lift the dirt is the bicarbonate powder that may be filed during cleaning. The other procedure that we can use to clean our trinkets, is to prepare a mixture in a bowl made ​​with milk and juice of lemon, both must be in perfectly equal parts. Immemorial and leave them to soak for a few minutes. After the time we spend in this case the jewelry under running water, once finished, we dry with a soft cloth, taking care not to miss any part of it.

The third and final beauty treatment for our jewelry in ivory is to prepare a mixture made ​​of salt and lemon juice. We prepare the mixture in a bowl with a sterile gauze or with an old toothbrush bristles are very soft and begin to clean the entire surface. Once done, we wash and dry it with a soft cloth. If the jewelry in question must not be used for a long time, we can wipe them with a sterile gauze where we put a few drops of olive oil.