The face is the image of the person and when exposed, is more prone to damage from external and internal agents.

Facial skin is more exposed than the rest of the body and that is why we often deteriorate, you get spots, acne, darkens or becomes dry and is a headache for the people, especially for women. Today in the market a number of products offering skin care, protect, clean, remove blemishes, among others, that promise a lot, but when the results are conspicuously use the absence and the person becomes worn and As with the skin at the beginning. No need to go so far and expect the face impair start to act, we must care for and protect it to prevent this from happening, because with good practices can prevent some things that are complicated.

Advantages of facial skin care

There are many advantages, but here are the most important and helpful for both men and women. With good care and prevention can be avoided:

* Lines and wrinkles
* Presence of acne or marks left
* Visibility of scars
* White spots and black cloth
* Dry skin
* Red stains

Best of all is that those are mostly care home and economic practices, very simple to perform and not time-consuming.


Basic Care

Every day you have to wash the face with mild soap or black soap, this will prevent the skin from drying by chemical toilet soaps. Use soft makeup, an anti-allergic preferable, but not have allergies, because these components are to a lesser degree and strong compounds are omitted.

Never go to bed with a painted face. You have to use makeup remover or liquid instead use coconut oil and a cotton makeup removal. Any residue should be removed with water and soap for the face. Facial skin should be exfoliated twice a week with pellets and if granulated, sugar can be used (preferably smaller grains) and then rinse your face with soap and water.

Before going outside, use sunscreen is good, to be applied on cleansed face and before makeup. This will prevent the emergence of, as uncomfortable and unsightly stains. For those fatty faces, you can use an alcohol swab and wipe over face. This will help reduce fat production, while removing dirt and prevents build up and form acne.

Avoid squeezing pimples, unless they are to get out and after it is good to apply a little tomato game, leave on for several minutes (about 30 minutes) and then rinse with warm water. this will prevent acne spotting and reduce the visibility of scars. To have that smoothness and softness, the cucumber is great. You have to spend on countenance slices, leaving a couple of hours and then rinse.

To clarify and soften the skin, apply a little milk on the face, leave for an hour and then rinse. For those imperfections less visible, apply over face mud of rice, which is obtained from the first rinse the rice, water and steeping botanical then, to make it that Editorial white, should be put on the face as a mask, leave on all night and the next day rinse.

To Consider

The dirt also causes damage to the face, so you have to periodically wash pillows, sheets and any fabric where it seats face. Seek in the sun may not live to face, even when using sunscreen, this will prevent the skin darker. Do not use any makeup, as some have compounds that can damage the face. On dry faces should not apply alcohol, because it tends to dry the skin and the result will be wrinkled and cracked skin.