The woman has a curvy body with hourglass waist tight. Discover with us what are the right clothing for womenand tricks to enhance the curves with taste.

The woman has beautiful hourglass curves, generous and well proportioned. Recalls the divas of the ’50s, a little ‘super feminine and buttery but its strength is the waistline. Shoulders and hips are the same width at the waist while his body tightens, creating precisely the figure of a beautiful hourglass . Besides the broad shoulders (not overly), the woman often has an hourglass normal breast or even abundant. Highlighting a similar body is not at all difficult.

The first advice I would give to women who have a similar body is to emphasize the waist . I have now revealed that this is precisely the strong point, among other things, very feminine and sensual, therefore emphasize is definitely the right choice. All clothing high waist, with particular attention to the skirts, they will be your allies. Beautiful also the building pants and even jeans but remember that they should never tighten on her hips, otherwise you risk to draw attention to another point of your body.


About hips categorically avoided everything that is low rise. In this way, in addition to shift the focus on her hips, also making it possible to make them look larger and completely lose the focus of your life. Another way to emphasize the waist is the choice of clothes, such as models or sheath dresses with flared skirts, always with a high waist.

The top, remember that broad shoulders are quite annoying for those who want to wear jackets like the strength of the blazer. If you bet on a model slim there is nothing to fear but definitely avoid jackets with shoulder pads, for instance those that are typically left out of fashion in the 80s.

The mesh also have an important role in choosing the outfit perfect. The necklace is definitely not a bad choice, but if you prefer a neckline bets on that V (and I recommend you do not go overboard!). Conversely, avoid the boat neck, square and well calibrated high neck. If the mesh is oversize, too soft and straightforward, you can always add a belt or a scarf to tie around the waist. This way you have embellished a custom look and you’ll also have exalted your figure. obviously, in view of the summer, get jiggy with the maxi dress with all-over prints. And absolutely the favorite beach bikini .