During the summer days can be hot so you want to wear as little as possible while still being appropriate for what you are doing or the event you are going to. Let’s take a quick look at how you can take simple items you likely already have and jazz them up to be a cute but casual summer look.

For The Top

During the summer you want to stay cool but you can’t just wear your swimsuit or tank top everywhere so there needs to be an alternative. Try a crochet top that has small holes so it is breakable and allows the air to flow right through. You can then wear your favorite tank top or swim top under it for a nice, casual look.

casual summer look

For The Bottom

Shorts are the usual go to during the summer and in many situations they are completely appropriate for a casual summer look. If you feel like you want to be a little dressier but still want to remain cool on hot summer days then opt for a skirt. Choose a skirt that is light and flows well so the air can move through it to keep you cool. You can always try a skirt that has a short skirt and an overlay to keep the heavy fabric to a minimum.

For Your Hair

If you have long hair you already know how hot it can make you during the summer but sometimes just a boring ponytail won’t do. You can take your ponytail from drab to fab with just a simple hair accessory like a bow or other blinged piece that you can easily clip in your hair. If you want something outside of the ponytail a messy bun is a great go to for casual summer wear. You can also add flowers or a pretty headband as an accent piece for your hair.

Make Up – Yes or No?

In the hot summer heat, sometimes make up is just a no-go because it seems like it just “melts” off your face. When this happens forgo the heavy liquid foundation for just a little powder to even out your skin, some eye liner, a quick bit of mascara and of course a bright lipstick since neon and bright colors are all the rage during the summer months.

What Else Can I Do For My Casual Summer Look?

Accessories are a great way to take your casual look up a notch without over doing it. Consider add in a bright colored bag or clutch as well as some fun bracelets, a necklace and matching or similar earrings. You can also paint your nails and toe nails in bright, fun summer colors to tie your entire look together.

Summer is a season of fun so make sure the things you pick reflect that. Don’t shy away from color, especially neon colors, since summer wear should always be bright and cheery. Next time you are heading out and need a cool but casual summer look, just think outside the box!

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