Many of us are convinced that to be female, must wear long hair. In fact, you can look sexy and intriguing also sporting a nice short cut . The important thing is to choose, perhaps with the help of an expert hairdresser, the cut that best suits our face . Bring short hair means to be a free woman and modern and, if the cut is well executed, nothing stops us from making even our sensuality. Many celebrities are, without doubt, the testimony of how you can be sexy and attractive even with short hair. We see, then, in this short guide the steps to follow.

short hair

First, it is necessary to study the shape of our face. Generally, short hair fit well in a round face and devoid of angularity. In any case, it is important to rely on the advice of an expert , because who does not have a face like this, it can still aspire to a short cut . For example, many women with the long face believe they must necessarily bring the long hair , when in fact excessive lengths tend to highlight this aspect even more. In addition to the shape of the face, it is also important to analyze the type of hair: if smooth or rough and voluminous.

For those with straight hair , for example, a cut very sexy and intriguing, is without doubt, one inspired to Valentina, protagonist of the comic created by Guido Crepax . Not by chance it is a character known for its sensuality and its charm, characteristics that have made ​​it famous in the ’60s. The cut in question is a short bob with fringe . With straight hair, you can even make a cut climbed on the back of his head and with a tuft longest side. If, however, our hair is wavy, we can aspire to look more perky and bubbly, but no less sexy. Also in this case, we can choose to make a scaling, which will enhance our waves.

Finally, another aspect that can help us make our sexy short cut is the color. The ideal is to choose the color that best suits the tone of our skin. No matter who is blond, red or brown. What matters most is that you married perfectly with the characteristics of our face. Let us remember, finally, that being sexy is not enough to cure our appearance. Being sexy is an attitude! To appear intriguing, so we must pay attention to the makeup, the clothes or hair that we carry, but also be sure of ourselves.