If you’re a bit of a watch fanatic, then you probably want to expand your collection. Watch fanatics are never satisfied with their collection, and are always looking to grow it. It’s not hard to see why though; with the sheer amount of choice out there today, you could continue to collect forever and end up with a collection of totally different pieces! You shouldn’t just go and pick your new watch willy nilly, however. Here’s what you should do first:

Look At Your Current Collection

It sounds obvious, but some people fail to do this. You need to look at your current collection to get an idea of what you definitely don’t need, and what’s missing from your collection. You don’t want to end up buying a new model that looks awfully similar to something you already have. This is entirely possible if you have a lot of watches and lose track of what you’ve got! You could even note down the kind of watch you think your collection is missing. You may have a ton of dress watches, so want to buy a more casual piece. You may even want to add a sports watch to your collection! There are hundreds of styles and features, so making this list will help you to narrow down your options and save time.


Consider the Occasion

Are you buying this watch for a particular occasion or reason? For example, you may want a watch to wear every day, even while you’re at the gym. You may want a watch to wear for a big event. Whatever it is, this should affect your decision. If there is no occasion, then you’re free to choose whatever kind of watch you like – just make sure you take what’s missing from your collection into account. Some watch bands can be changed, which means that a watch could be taken from day to night. Shinola watch bands come in different styles for different occasions, for example.

Look in Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines are great, because they will give you a heads up on what’s going to be popular in the coming months. They may also give you an idea of what is not so popular but still high quality. I like that fashion magazines can tell you about little known brands – you then have something that not many other people have! It’s a great feeling.

Ask a Friend’s Opinion

I know that your opinion is the one that counts. Just because I’m telling you to ask a friend’s opinion, doesn’t mean you must agree with them. Asking their opinion serves two purposes: the first is to get an idea of what other people think suits you best. The second is to see how you really feel. Asking somebody elses opinion will always reveal how you really feel. It’s the same as flipping a coin – if the coin tells you a watch and you instantly feel like you prefer the other one, you know that that’s the right choice to make! Here’s some more advice on choosing a men’s watch, if you need it.
Happy shopping!