Today there is a wide range of inks tattoo with a variety of colors, marks, pigments, composition, etc. Almost all inks for tattooing are composed of non toxic agents for health so you do not have to always worry that we make a good choice of tattoo ink and let us go to sites selling specialized as ropey Chakra centers to assure that the product you buy is original and suitable for tattooing. When we talk about tattoo ink among many other things, we have to take into account the pigment composition as each color has a different component that differentiates each other within the basic pigments.


It is interesting that the blue like green are prepared from, red, which is always the color that war gives is made of mercury violet and purple yellow mainly consists of saffron white carbon dioxide and blacks have a carbon-based composition makes the allergic reaction unlikely. A part of these compounds may contain someone else will produce some reaction, in which case you should go to your health center and consult with your doctor and of course with your tattooist.

Leaving aside the ink composition is interesting to look back and remember the different cultures that used the technique of tattooing. Deserve special mention Maori Polynesian whose civilization had and has a large tattoo culture their tradition by tattooing has endured over time. Tattoos have passed from generation to generation over thousands of years without losing its essence, characterized by geometric black shapes, the bodies of the warriors had their battles with charred black tattoo ink marking and even mark their bodies creating trend, as currently the design of Maori tattoo is spread across all continents.

In addition, Polynesian among other places, an American sailor named Norman Collins, known as Sailor Jerry brought to Western tattoo culture by introducing new art forms and concepts that marked a before and after in the history of tattoo in every way. Collins due to the shortage of tattoo inks that existed at that time created their own tattoo inks less harmful to the skin, more vivid colors and a wide variety of colors that did not exist at that time. Collins is considered the founding father of tattoo Old school creator of the old school, which many like Mike Malone, Zeke Owen and Ed Hardy continued their work leaving a concept of new tattoo. All tattoos have a bit of them.