Respect the dress code for a wedding is an obligation that occurs whenever we receive an invitation for this type of event, which is always very important. Generally, the marriage ceremonies are formal and each guest tries to present itself to take best advantage of their qualities as elegance and charm, taking care of their appearance in an impeccable manner. ‘s style is something personal, each person has his and adapts, respecting those who have their own tastes, their own physicality, depending on the circumstances, creating the perfect outfit for every type of occasion, and in this case, the occasion is very special.

The first thing you need to remember is that elegance is expressed with simplicity, so no to jewelry too garish, gaudy to hairstyles and make-up too exaggerated. You should adopt the style that enhances without us falling in exasperation. For wedding receptions are absolutely banned the look of all black and all white. Black is the color of mourning, totally unsuitable for such situations, of celebration and joy. The white, however, is the color that should be used only by the bride because she is the protagonist and nothing must steal the scene.


With reference to the headgear, it should be noted that the caps, as used in the occasion of the wedding Anglo-Saxon, may be used only during ceremonies held in the morning. For the afternoon or in the evening you can opt for a hairstyle with a high fixed clips with feathers or for some decoration with rhinestones , which are always to great effect. ‘s shoes: high. But we prefer models without plateau exaggerated and avoid the wedges, are not recommended in these cases.

The length gown must be variable depending on time of day for the morning, it is preferable to a knee length, never exceed this limit, even if you’re very young, because the skirt is not the most suitable garment in receptions wedding, it is elegant and is likely to bring down the entire outfit into vulgarity. We prefer long dresses, instead, to the ankle and over, just for the evening: In fact, being dressed in gala, ill-suited for lunch.
Let us take a look at our always a touch of originality and, after all this “fatigue”, let’s enjoy the party.