Even the Paris Fashion Week is over and the trends for the coming Fall / Winter 2013-2014 have been defined. Discover them all with us!

The month of February and a small part of the March are dedicated to fashion the next winter season. You are probably thinking that we are still with coats and sweaters to those who think that we wear in a year sounds crazy. Yet reveal in advance what will be fashionable in a year is a great way to anticipate something still taking advantage of the sales, end of season. It is true, every season has its trends but that does not mean that they are always brand new and fresh! Do not believe us? The next winter, many fashion designers have proposed oversize coats, both dark and colorful and as you know if you’re careful, oversize coats were one of the trends of the moment, this means that around sure yet if they are at reduced prices and you can wear them in the last few weeks and the next year, without having to spend a fortune!

I have already revealed one of the huge trends for the coming winter, but now we come to the other. What happened and what we saw on the catwalks of Paris? Returns the mannish style, which is nothing more than the masculine style or wear clothing which seem to belong to the wardrobe of your partner. Shirts and trousers, coats rigorous, hats and shoes are one of the fashions of the winter season 2013-14 but it was also this year, in fact a few seasons masculine style that has taken hold of the closet women.


In Paris marched the biggest names in fashion including Louis Vuitton, who reported in a scene always shining, though disguised, Kate Moss, Chanel, Valentino and Dior. All these parades have been more or less important, not so much for the name as much for trends. From Louis Vuitton back the retro style, women who love to wear skirt in silk, decorated with lace and micro applications brilliant, from Chanel tweed we found mixed with a lot of black leather and chains from Valentino we could not help but enchant before the bon ton delicate and precious, on the catwalk for Dior style presented was researched and decided.

But back to the trends. Among those who will go for the most is setting the fashion of clothing transparent. Mind you, there is no need to wear a veil, and appear completely nude, in this case we are talking about small inserts transparent, maybe positioned on the end of the skirts, on the sleeves of shirts, or on the sides.

Continue the great success of the skin, which overcomes the biggest catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. We have already mentioned on that of Chanel but has made ​​its appearance also important to Hermes.

Finally, another great return of fur, which has already been the star of this season. The proposals this time were quite important. In addition to rediscover it as a coating for long coats, has also been proposed on the bags and hats.