He says a post on the most famous social network , “the leggings are like children, always tell the truth. ” True, the leggings not admit mistakes, are the worst of the judges! There have been a reason why the designers have confined in the mythical years 80, trying to remove all memory from the minds of the people … The reason is not just one, but five! Here are 5 reasons not to wear leggings and Start, perhaps, a feminist struggle : “the stake leggings, want to be free”, a bit ‘as did our ave with bras.


Their adherence, may restrict blood circulation, and if you care to the health of your legs, avoid this demonic head. Why endure the effect (especially in the thigh area) if, in the end result, it is a wrong circulation of blood and related health problems? Did you know that the poor circulation is the cause of cellulite? Would you like a garment, is the cause of your tears before the mirror?

It lies they were comfortable! This is a blatant lie, invented by some kind of dealer, to facilitate the purchase. If you have never worn those Lycra (which are the most common), you may have noticed that fit into the slot of the seat, and then (as the loincloth ) it ends with making the move to get rid of the hook with the butt fingers; remember that the gesture of the hook, is anti sex as the extraction of eight that make the men in the street, among them jewelry.

It is not ruled out the issue of the intimate. The thong or g-string, enables the leggings to slip between the buttocks; the culottes or slip , and show their seams are anti aesthetic … In short, the mimic the choice of linen because they show everything from color to form. And do not think that the final solution run without slip, the leggings will punish you by pointing out that too.

Not left free to choose which piece of wear because above should not be confused with pants, much more opaque and less clingy. If you wear a leggings you can use the crop top , which are very fashionable this year or any shirt that does not exceed the basin.

For every color of leggings , a judgment: the gray ones are effect pajamas; those pink / meat cause the effect Madella ; white ones show almost anything and there’s undergarment that takes … To all this is added the problem of the thickness of the fabric because if too thin, no matter what the color you chose, the show quite the same way .