Colored nails, false nails, nails decorated with nail art craziest! In preparation for the Spring 2012, ideas for a manicure really fun and there are certainly seductive, but what will be the most beautiful decorations, to copy to absolutely? After discovering all the secrets of artificial nails , and after discovering the latest trends for summer 2012, there is care vain that take a look to the nails to copy more colorful and fun year for a unique style, suitable for any occasion! If your intention is to impress friends and friends with a sophisticated look and fun, and if your intent is to make more trendy your style, perhaps with a really trendy nail art, our advice is first to choose a technique known as ” shadows Nail Art “, made ​​with glazes of different colors. But explain better darling girls!

The shadows Nail Art is without doubt the nail decoration of the moment most sought not only by us mere mortals, but also by women in the world of entertainment, it seems that it should be really crazy. In essence, this decoration is dye each nail with a different shade of color for a truly amazing effect, as you can see giving a peek at our gallery, where you will find all the possible combinations, those in shades of ‘ blue up to those of the green, from the Bronze Age to those of gray. In short, there’s something for everyone!


If this technique, however, does not convince you, or if you are looking for a style even more elegant, you may also opt for an elegant effect “shadows” to fade, a result remarkably stylish, really great for any occasion, even for the most chic ! But what if instead go crazy for nail decoration, or for those adorable little drawings and doodles that make every look really sophisticated and fun ? Well, for you, dear girls, do not run out of ideas in view of the spring / summer 2012 ! Among the most popular nail decorations for the summer, for example, you could opt for the small and lovely flowers, but there is also room for the timeless butterflies, ideal to make your style more fresh and cheerful. Take a look at our pictures dear girls, and certainly you will find the decor for you! Let us know what you think, and see you soon with precious beauty tips not to be missed!