A planned child does for many parents to fulfill their partnership. In 9 months of starting a new life, and the pair looks forward to the moment of birth contrary happy. But once the baby grows in the womb up slowly. A change in the character begins to fade into the eighth week, for unexpectedly fast now developing embryo. He needs plenty of room to grow and can proudly presents the mother her pregnant belly. Gradually the favorite pants no longer fit. The blouse seems a size too small, because it is far apart. Now it’s time for clothing that does not restrict, yet fashionable looks. Previously been hidden under the belly further, boring clothes. In today’s world of wonderful baby bump is accentuated by the ongoing pregnancy fashion than ever.

Baby bump concealing no longer

The fashion for pregnancy is anything but boring. All that is trend may also bear the expectant mom. From Chino to the skinny jeans. Tight-fitting, figure-hugging long shirts in all colors show in a wonderful way the baby belly. For the festive occasion meanwhile pants, suits and dresses are available in many current variations. Loose clothes are out, the pregnant woman is tastefully dressed on this day.


High elastane content is the ideal solution

Maternity wear and offer exceptional comfort, usually provided by a stretch insert for comfort. However, the view is often at a store for maternity clothes uninviting. With a little skill, but can pregnancy clothes and “normal clothes” are matched to each other excellently. Pregnancy blouse combined with a trendy skinny jeans is never boring. A colored long shirt with print and a narrow Fact shoes always look chic. It offers fresh and refined simplicity. Even narrow medium length skirts may carry the pregnant woman. Here also matches a colored shirt or a tunic. The high elastane content in normal outerwear is ideal for pregnant women. A little experimentation heard it to fashion-conscious and happy to survive the 9 months with the fashion for pregnancy.