For a Halloween exceptional and unique I recommend masquerade vampire. The vampire is modern, dark and sexy. The guide that I propose below, I think it’s ideal for a make-up as a vampire.

Before everything necessary to apply a face primer to even out the skin. Just put a drop on your face and spread it well with your fingers. puts chains not too much otherwise than to waste product serves no exaggeration. Then stand out even better for the rest of your makeup I suggest you put some white foundation. To apply using a sponge and dab the face to make it penetrate better into the skin or it can also be applied with a flat brush. If you do not like the white foundation as it is on your skin you can mix your regular foundation with the white to lighten your foundation and get the same effect without overdoing pale. Then set the foundation for applying face powder that can be your usual powder or better yet a transparent one. Apply with a brush tapping large so as not to move the foundation that we have previously made. Finally, put a bit of blush -colored earth that goes applied under the cheekbone to carve a little face. Thus the base face is completed.


Now we turn to the eyes. I advise you to apply a pencil or a black Pencil across the eyelid and under the eye even without being so precise. Then with the brush to the nuances must soften the pencil to the outside of the eye. Go a little further than normal to make the trick more Halloween and create a pointing hairline. To make more intense the color apply a black eye shadow with glitter or black pigment. You have to tap with a flat eyeshadow brush to fix it on the pencil is on the upper eyelid and below the eye. Later to intensify the look add a black liquid eyeliner eyelash hanging on both above and below the eye and the inside to the outside.

After putting the special adhesive and tweezers the False Eyelashes black and when the glue is dry, add a bit of black mascara to adhere to the best of our eyelashes false eyelashes. In this case, you only need to lightly tap the lashes without pulling them too as we put on fake ones. Quiet, at the beginning you will see the white glue dried but once you will not see anything. If any who dare can put the lashes of other colors or fine details such as rhinestones. In this step, you can indulge at will depend on the final look you want to achieve but I prefer simple ones. Finally we deal with the eyebrows that go well combed with the comb attached and then it thickens and darkens with a black eyebrow pencil . In order to wear contact lenses white effect zombie / vampire. So the eyes are completed.