Make a smoothing mask to soften the skin, removing all traces of makeup and impurities on your skin, and ‘an extremely quick and easy. In fact, create your own DIY mask will allow you to take advantage of the natural products and spend very little. We see, therefore, how to create and make the most of your smoothing mask in three easy steps.

First you have to get the products to create your mask natural to smooth the face . Take a bowl of honey (use honey thousand flowers honey to avoid wasting more precious and expensive) of brown sugar and a lemon. After taking all these ingredients included within your bowl, 3 tablespoons of honey, a dash of lemon (about a teaspoon) and stir vigorously. Then add the brown sugar (which will perform a gentle scrub on your face and, if you like, also add the grated rind of lemon to make it more intense scrub) and stir a few more seconds.

At this point, after you have cleaned your face with fresh water and dry it thoroughly, blot with a towel, you can spread the mask on your face. Do a little massage with the same (using the fingertips) with the circular movements , paying particular attention to massage more vigorously on the critical parts of your face. If you want this mask can give maximum effectiveness of this operation performed in a pot with boiling water (distancing itself from the face of about 10/15 cm) and placing a towel on your head, so that the steam can be between your face and the pot (the steam will allow your pores to open up and be able to give it the maximum benefit to your skin ).


At this point, you can rinse your face using lukewarm water and always do a circular motion with your fingertips After drying the face, gently blot with a towel, apply your cream daily on the face. Your skin at this point will have a soft texture and sweet Moreover, thanks to the action of scrub and massage, many impurities and blacks have been completely removed from the same To keep this result suggest you do this procedure at least once a month.