Not everyone can do this job. It is not enough height, not just look dark (assuming that it serves), not enough muscles rippling. Serves the character, as he explains Elisa Tin tori, agent models at the agency Joy Model Management in Milan.

We talked about the physical requirements of a model or aspiring. Now we talk of personality. First question: what are the features’ character, excuse the pun, positive you are looking for when evaluating a model? A model must not only be beautiful, is not enough. Must have a great communication, a well-defined personality. In front of a customer does not have much time. if you have determination and security, not arrive. Many times to select models from images, but also by Polaroid, but not sufficient, to get a better idea should also see a video. When you make trips scouting, the models can be seen in person, and you have the chance to talk to them, interact to try to find out if there is a face as well as a soul, which as far as I concerns should preferably be ROCK!


What are the most common problems you want to avoid when selecting a model? (irresponsible type that never has to work) When you select a template is like a blind date. Let’s say that depends on the origin of the model, if it occurs at the agency as a beginner or without an appointment, you give credibility looking a bit to understand what are your priorities, how important it is for him this job. If the model is taken from a scouting and then by an agency abroad usually, if the agency is serious, should be the agents that you offer it to stand in front of any problems telling you perhaps that the model does not always reflect the appointments.

The 18-year-olds and a little further may miss girlfriend’s friends? would not say, being so young, friends are easy to find. May find it difficult to earn what they need, or enter a competition that leads them to experience all evil, hence the desire to leave, the desire to disappear for a while. For those who start to make this work I recommend live peacefully, as in all artistic fields, this saying is who has the bread has no teeth. I had a variety of models to which it did not matter really nothing to do this work and they were as often happens the ones on which to focus, the winning ones. I believe that it is important to live in a calm, even giving himself a time limit within which if nothing happens you have to find another.