They are tall, comfortable and warm, over knees boots are perfect to face the cold winter 2014.

The boots are without a doubt the best winter shoes. There the logs , and then the ones laced high above the knee, known by various terms. Someone calls them stewardesses and other overknees boots, but in fact they are the same thing, what matters is the height of the shoe (be careful, not heel!.) We selected 5 over knees boots winter 2014 so you can tackle cold holding her legs covered. Ready to discover the coolest models less expensive brands on the market? over knees boots Asos.

They are made of soft black leather, knee high boots Asos. The heel is slightly mentioned, about 5 inches, has a rounded tip and two buckles that decorate the ankle. Practical and comfortable, they are perfect to be worn all day, great for those who want a little ‘in height, but does not like to sit all day on stilts.


Bata boots over knees

Those of Bata, in contrast to the previous model, they are definitely higher and suitable for the evening. The heel is wide enough, but not too much, the cut of the leg is asymmetric and the tip rather narrow. In addition, for added comfort, these stewardesses winter 2014 also have the plateau. A must try!

Bershka boots over knees 2014

We return with our feet on the ground with boots blacks with higher lapels bearing the signature of Berserk. Within its winter collection, the well-known low cost brand has included stewardesses almost level with the ground, made ​​of soft false leather, suitable especially for girls. Donnamarie boots over knees.

Low cost brand specialized in their shoes, you will find all kinds of stewardesses, with or without heel and any color you want. For this selection we chose a boot over knee low, too close to the ground, with rubber sole, perfect for rainy days, and cognac-colored false leather lining and round gold metal studs decorating the top. What do you think?

Boots Zara TRF

The younger line of Zara TRF section, you will find these beautiful boots over knees black. They are made of leather, they have a very classic cut, which make them real evergreen. The square heel is designed for occasions by day and the height says a lot about it. Take a ride in the big Zara store and try them, really deserve!