By now, it must be said, on the nails if they see all the colors! If you want to celebrate the arrival of spring with a relief decoration very special, look at this guide that will teach you how to make a nail art with dried flowers . The latter are increasingly used by artists and suffered nail around the world. The dried flowers that are usually used are made ​​especially for the nails because of small / very small. Continue reading because it is much easier than you think.

The dried flowers suitable for application to the nails are very small in size. That’s why they must be handled with extreme care. First, use a nail file to file the nails into the shape you want. Then, apply a glaze to serve as a base on all nails. The base is used to smooth the nail so that after the dried flowers can adhere better. We recommend using a base hardener if you have brittle nails or flake.


Once the base is dry, apply the nail polish you prefer. We recommend that you stay consistent with the color of dried flowers that you have procured. Just a simple pale pink nail polish because then it will be enriched with dried flowers. Apply the polish top coat nail on which you want to place the dried flower. Before it dries, using tweezers (maybe one for eyelashes) take the dried flower and place it gently in the exact spot where you want it is. Helped with the back of tweezers to make it adhere well to the nail. You can buy dried flowers in specialty nail art or should not be difficult to find even in the most haberdashery provided.

Wait a couple of minutes and passes back the top coat all over the nail on which you applied the dried flower This step will ensure that the flower appears to stabilize and also polished the subsequent drying. You can choose to apply the dried flowers of all the fingers, or even sits atop several to get familiar with this type of decoration, you should apply the dried flowers on the thumb and ring finger if you like the result, it continues on all the other fingers to complete the nail art, you can add glitter even more intense towards the tip and the most degrading to the base of the nail You can indulge in many different ways.