Tattoos are now a cultural heritage, it is possible to see in any environment moms, businessmen, teenagers make the best impression of their tattoos on the skin. There is still, however, those who show some resistance to the thought of bringing him an indelible mark on you and would like something more than temporary and therefore less challenging. It is in this regard that I will explain in a few easy steps how to proceed in creating a tattoo is not permanent! The temporary tattoos are a great alternative to permanent tattoos not only because you can remove it in more or less short but mainly because they are cheap and not at all painful.


Make sure you choose a design that you like, the tattoo will remain on your skin for a couple of days. You can get ideas by browsing journals or simply by doing a search on the Internet! For your temporary tattoo you can use a glossy film and a gel pen in a dark color. Printed in black and white and the image choice, to make it sharper, rose as much as possible the “contrast” with a photo editing program or just with the “image tools” in Microsoft Word . Using a felt-tip pen waterproof (you can find it at any stationery) transferred on glossy paper the design and rehearse the edges. Choose an area of your skin where you will apply yourself tattoo or else you’ll get help from a friend. Wet a cloth with warm water and apply the film on the skin, pressing firmly the towel for about a minute. Gently lifting the film check that the drawing is secured otherwise reapply. Once finished, remove plastic wrap and towel and let it dry.

Then there are the tattoos drawn by hand with natural pigments, typically using henna. Henna is activated by creating a creamy mixture with warm water and juice of lemon. To apply the mixture on your skin you will need a syringe-like pastry bag of confectioners (before applying the tattoo you do some test on paper to learn how to use the syringe). After work you’ll have to leave it on for a few hours before removing the dough gently and discover your tattoo.

Another method is simple and quick tattoo spray: one applied to the skin stencil with the design you want and sprayed color. Certainly fun and innovative idea is that instead of “sun tattoo” in some beauty salons offer the chance to soak up the sun by wearing special clothes pierced, you will therefore result in a tan tattoo! All of these tips will allow you to pick any, rest assured that you will not have to declare undying love your tattoo!.