All of us at home, we use the clippers. When we return home after a day of work or shopping, the first thought, for reasons of hygiene and / or for a well deserved rest and comfort of our feet, we get rid immediately of shoes and put on our worship slippers. There are many types and of different material: from those elegant, quite expensive, exclusively made ​​of leather, to those in fabric, satin, in velvet, up to the rubber bearing a thin layer of the soil. For a proper hygienic home, however, it is important to keep them clean. This guide will show you how to clean your slippers.

how to clean

When we are going to clean our slippers we must pay close attention to the material they are made, based on the material there are different methods of cleaning. However a valid action for all kinds of slippers to use on a frequent basis is to ventilate them (possibly or near the balcony or the window or outside on the balcony) and then brush them gently with a brush for shoes. If there is any stain you can dampen a cloth with water only and rub on it in a circular motion.

For a more thorough cleaning start with a potential removal of grease stains or soiled. Take a bowl and spill over into a cup of hot water, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent and amalgamation properly. We position this solution in a spray bottle (like the one we use for glasses or grease). Sprinkle the contents on the stain with a sponge soaked in water and squeezed one rub gently clockwise.

After work must be adequately rinsed the pot, thus soak the sponge with water only. Rub over and over again until the removal of any residual detergent. Now we dry slippers, air, away from sunlight and heat sources to prevent any deformation. You can use this same procedure for the slippers with leather and velvet, with a greater focus inside where over time it has an impregnation of the upper of the sweat of our feet.