Assuming that the make- up should be a way to hide flaws and emphasize the most beautiful and typically in our daily lives we can not exaggerate or play a lot with colors to create the effect does not “mask”, is the different attitude and there are different possibilities for the evening makeup or party. There are basically two major types of makeup, the natural more or less sober and colorful . In both cases, it is good to make a make-up party never losing sight of the colors that suit your complexion, eye color or hair. In some cases you can “stay within” adapting it to clothing. Another tip is to not mix the cool colors with warm colors . Cool colors are those that go from light blue to purple through blue and plum. The warm colors ranging from white to brown to yellow, orange and red.

The base and the products to be used for a make- up party are the same that we use every day. primer , finisher face, foundation and / or powder, eye shadow, pencil or eyeliner , mascara and lipsticks. Depending on the season and the type of party will need to vary the texture of the base. In the winter are recommended more opaque foundation, in the summer I recommend the primer colored, excellent classic BB Cream , to be fixed then with a layer of powder or colored lighting or complete the make-up base with brush of solar ground .


The catwalk trends and the diktat of the most talented makeup artists suggest for the holidays to overdo and chrome colored eye shadows, lipsticks by color bright and glitter (silver, gold or colored ) will be applied to the eyelids, eyebrows and even on eyelashes . Exaggerating is the best word to make a special makeup for the holidays. You can choose to focus on the eyes or on your lips as you can afford the luxury to accentuate both. The exaggeration however, must be inversely proportional to age. The very young can afford everything.

Here’s an example of party trick Dona great prominence in the eyes using the brand new chrome eye shadows and prismatic that help give a different reflection in the eyes and you can not even fade . A special technology allows eye shadow to relax of up to three or four shades You can use it wet or dry and on the entire eyelid Choose bright red or burgundy lipstick, making sure to outline your lips with a pencil or a brush tone on tone can make your lips shine by applying a clear gloss which will also serve to give a feeling of volume should not miss the eyeliner applied with a brush or with a pencil thin gel is important is that the section is clean and precise Enrich with a glitter eyeliner (gold or silver) over the Hanging eyelash. This little trick will attract all the attention on the eyes immediately. To make the mascara more intense and more voluminous lashes if you do not have a top coat take one brush clean and dry, immerse in loose powder and rub on the eyelashes Continue with the mascara until a couple of passes If you want to use a colored mascara remember that you will apply it just above the black and only the tip of the lashes Do not neglect your nails enamel must be strictly shiny and metallic If you are not an expert in nail art complete with a top coat of gold or silver sequins on the toes.