Once you get to the fateful 50 years old, among the many questions that arise in one’s mind, one in particular overwhelmingly prevails over others, particularly in women: what to wear? When you reach a certain age it becomes impossible for a person to continue to use colored clothes and provocative more suitable to the size mannequins of twenty 36, rather than a mature career woman. This does not mean the ability to continue to be fashionable after our fiftieth summer : let’s look more closely at how to do

The first step is to avoid clothes too provocative and high heels because a woman mature does not need these gimmicks to get noticed: the enough his experience and intelligence, qualities that are lacking in most of those “dolls” that are reserved for most of the collections of fashion. It is also advisable to avoid too low-cut shirts and skirts too “mini”. With a good choice of fabrics such as satin, cashmere and silk can be sensual without falling into vulgarity.

dress- fashionable

Another thing to watch out for are the colors: a woman of a certain age should avoid bright colors and neon like green, yellow and red hues and instead prefer less aggressive and more pastel beige, camel, cream. To give a touch of color you can use colorful accessories such as handbags and belts for evening dresses ideal would be different shades of black and white. Also, avoid patterned fabrics (zebra-leopard). In the closet of the fifties chic garments also should not miss evergreens such as jackets, suits, turtlenecks and jeans: Always avoid clothes too flashy rich frills and superfluous accessories. To frame a simple pairing able to resort to jewelry and costume jewelry with clean lines.

Select also leaders of the right size : very often it happens that women above a certain age, they tend to wear clothes of somewhat larger, believing it to hide the effects of passing time: totally wrong! To be fashion you need to find clothes that you are well and make them feel safe: a confident woman, often, it is also a fabulous woman! Last but not least, are the makeup and hairstyle. For the first boater shades of pink in the limit for foundation and lipstick, all accompanied by a good dose of mascara. For the hair instead the best choice and fastest way would be to take short This does not preclude, however, to let them grow and take them maybe tied back or flowing over her shoulders. With these few tips you can overcome most defiantly the commitments of everyday life: the world is yours!.