You have a second poor bra? Fear not: small breasts can ‘be very feminine and should not be hidden. Some clothing can ‘indeed help you enhance your breasts and make you very sexy. Here are our tips to feel comfortable and a nice cleavage.

The star took advantage of

In the history of fashion, these stars have done so much for the cause of women, simply accepting and showing small breasts. Have even become fashion icons. Real models of femininity away from the idea that a woman shapes that are generous and overwhelming. Vanessa Paradis . At the time of “Joe Le Taxi”, the little Vanessa hid her teenage forms under sweatshirts wide. But at twenty, already proudly exhibited his torso minute with a hippy chic style. Today mom and a successful artist, is proud of its silhouette from eternal teenager thanks to its low-cut dresses designer Chanel or models back in sequins.


E ‘l ‘ English that shocked Europe posing nude for the cover of ” Melody Nelson “, his chest hidden by a teddy bear. Has democratized and made ​​more than a sexy man’s white shirt brought on a jeans. Her daughters carry this casual and chic with grace. ‘s former muse of Karl Lagerfeld has imposed its slender silhouette for years in the fashion world. Its classical style but full of humor has come back into style cardigans or jumpers. Twiggy. The most important of supermodel certainly has a curvy body. And yet. despite its size, remember well her skirts, her mini top and its snout sweet. Audrey Hepburn . The first star to prove that the glamor was possible with a bustier dress without having a busty neither the hair color of Marilyn Monroe. Audrey has invented a style of elegance with a pair of straight-cut pants, a black sweater and a simple pair of flats, which have become a must-have fashion. Kate Moss . The most famous fashionistas not afraid of anything. Nor to bring sweaters for men on bare skin or long dresses with necklines V. How to be androgynous and sexy.

To pretend a bit

The push-up bra. Padded Its shape makes it the ally of small sizes. Very low-cut, lifts the breasts. The chest is held gently. Ideal under a cotton shirt, a V-neck, a suit or a shirt or a turtleneck. A small balcony. Its bearings are also protrude tiny breasts and give the impression of having a size up. Ideal under a round neckline, it is very glamorous. Your breasts are rounded and valued.