As in any profession, there are also in the modeling errors that you should not make situations that are best avoided. Elisa Tin tori, broker of the fashion modeling agency Joy Model Management tells more about it. What are the most common mistakes novice models and what errors you might male models at the start of a modeling career, want to warn? The biggest mistake you can make is to direct everything, I guess. For a successful modeling career is more than appropriate sizes and the correct length. I think 40% of the success of a model depends on appearance and 60% depending on the nature of the model and of ‘luck’. Without character and personality you are going nowhere.

And then you need at the right time at the right place. I can give you many examples of models who have had the luck to meet the right person they knew to their value to estimate and could open the door for them! Of course, only people who mean something in the business to have your help. Of course you also fundamental modeling. Your desk should be your career guide. Models that do not listen and know better, sometimes big mistakes. The most common mistake is from one to another agency steps in the hope that it will be better. That is a serious mistake.


Of course you can change from office but it should not be a desperate search for something that is not there. The time to make a career, is relative. One does a year, the other is in five months and known someone like David Gandy (Dulce & Banana perfume) is a late bloomer. But he is an exception! We hear you say that models a year or two to run and then nothing happens then nothing will happen, in the majority of cases, at least. In any case it is important to have a good modeling agency, and with this agency a good feeling to have, because otherwise it will be difficult!