The problem of the skin of the body dehydrated or dry skin is very common. The causes are varied, but notoriously, the skin’s worst enemy is the cold, along with the smog, wind and so on. Generally just very little to ensure the skin to keep it soft and moisturized such as the constant use of creams for the lips and body. Not always, however, these creams fail to be efficient. Sometimes in fact, because of the various ingredients that compose it, can be very harmful. In this case, you can not do without the natural products. In this guide are solutions made ​​with natural ingredients to hydrate the body.

A simple solution that will be of great help is to sprinkle on your body oil for the body, specifically, the one that works for the skin of children and that you can easily find at any health food store and cleaners house. After a shower and dry off before you take a little oil and pour it into the palm of your hand then sprinkle all over your body while you’re still wet. You will find that, once you have dried, the skin will be very soft and moisturized. Alternatively, you may use another method totally natural.


Take three or four tablespoons of whole milk and heat it on the stove over low heat. Pour into a vial and add a few drops of almond oil (about two teaspoons). If you do not have at hand you can replace the oil of sweet almonds with the olive oil. Shake the bottle well for, then let it cool. At this point you have to do is use it as a normal cleanser . It is convenient to realize this compound whenever you need it rather than prepare in large quantities with the risk that sours considered that there are no preservatives included.

After passing the mixture just simply dry off with a paper towel or a soft towel to keep your skin well moisturized should always also have an eye for the power. Drinking plenty of water is essential, but not enough fruits and vegetables are very useful addition, many do not know that, use the soap too aggressive is absolutely harmful to the skin because it causes dryness Also avoid very hot water for bathing.