Taking care of your skin every day is important, especially for those who have a skin particularly sensitive subject to redness, cracking, peeling and dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to choose the suitable cosmetic products to combat skin fragility based on the source and the stage of skin sensitivity of the subject. But even people who do not have a constant dry skin, but only due to certain weather conditions , cold, smog and stress , well for these is recommended to cleanse the skin with specific products. Depending on the types of skins of each subject is essential to use cosmetic products suitable, as this can cause changes in the pH of the skin.

In particular, if you have a skin very dry and flaky, then you have to use creams olive oil as this is an excellent natural remedy because it does not alter the normal pH of the skin but moisturizes deeply and is the right daily treatment soothing to be made ​​so as to have undergone a skin soft and silky. In this regard, shown are also the products made ​​from chamomile extract that has an action emollient and those based on aromatic water jojoba oil that thanks to its delicacy leaves the skin clean and smooth. Instead, if your skin shows redness and is subject to rosacea, it is good to use products based on hyaluronic acid that ensures effective action of hydration, which combined with the active principles of the extracts of mallow, mimosa and calendula plays, all over the skin, a targeted anti-redness reducing even small patches of red. The skin will appear immediately brighter and smoother.

Purity and nature harmony

Also, if you have a skin prone to cracking, it is vital to read and not aggressive texture composed mostly of natural essences. Particularly suitable are creams made ​​from aloe vera because it has a moisturizing protective and restorative. Thus, the delicate skins will immediately benefit with the use also of products based on Shea butter and sweet almond, particularly as natural substances and nutrients for the skin implantation particularly prone to cracking.

In addition, for those which have a skin quite problematic, subject to stains and acne, the ideal products to be used are those based on glutamic acid, glycine, vitamin C, elastin and collagen, all substances present in the “snail” a concentrated with exceptional antioxidant and regenerative properties. In fact, is suitable for all those who have a sensitive skin problematically and which therefore require more specific and particular.