The whole world is Milan. A phrase similar to “all roads lead to Rome”, but the meaning is entirely typical. In this case, we refer to the effect caused by fog goggles for the eyes that are totally dirty and give us the impression of being in front of the nose, the fog typical of the Lombard city . Unfortunately, it is very complex to keep clean eyeglasses , since all the “attacks” of everyday life can definitely put them to the test, as well as induce a myopic shift annoying tic, which is to raise more on the frame in a desperate attempt to circumvent the problem. It is in these cases, however, we must resort to cleaning windows because, as never before in similar situations, a few seconds can really change a whole day, avoiding unnecessary strain on our eyes.


Say goodbye to annoying halos is possible if you know how to organize. The most common method is called “Elaina”, which consists in wetting the lenses and drop on the same a drop of shampoo or soap. At this point we need to rub the thumb on one side of the glass and the index and middle fingers on the other, up to the point where the foam does not originate. From here, you need to rinse your lenses well and dry them with cotton cloth. To avoid the so-called “anti-glare” never use alcohol, if anything, to resort to breath. It is advisable to implement the treatment two or three times a day.

It is important not to get caught by the rush of taking off a weight off of a problem since a cloth wrong, in the long term, it can cause damage to the lenses so important to force the owner to change them. Humid environments certainly do not help the resilience of the glass, as it is only right to take the glasses off before playing sports, as in the case of a game of football.

Save the eyeglasses is possible, but often, let’s all, there are alternative ways just nasty. What do you mean? The contact lenses, for example. So many problems would be easily avoided, especially for the younger ones, who, in this way, they could avoid the formation of the “hump” on the top of the nose. If you just can not do without the “hype”, perhaps to not give up hoarding air of intellectual, then you simply must avoid losing the cloth that gives us the optician at the time of sale of housing. Is that the most suitable material to clean our glasses.