A female accessory which no woman can give up, it’s definitely the earrings, which values ​​the person and gives a touch of class to the wearer. But there is a secret behind this small object: if we match the shape of the earrings to that of our face we made ​​the center, we will be irresistible throughout our femininity.

First of all we must understand what has shaped our face, keeping in mind that in principle we can fall into one of four main categories, namely: round, oval, square or triangular. Fashion is very important is true, but being able to make a homogeneous accessory with our face is even more. Let’s see how then.


If our face is round, the accessory is most suitable pendant or simple geometric shape, parading his face making him look less full. Green light for pendants encrusted with colored stones, admirably suited games or chain length. Never use earrings too long if your hair is medium length, while with long hair or very short is allowed. Avoid earrings small and inconspicuous.

The most successful are women who have an oval face, because they are allowed just about anything. Any form of earrings decide to wear, make them real stars. Whether elongated, geometric, drip, small, will always be a success. Women who belong to this category can laugh quietly in this guide. And as envying. Let us now turn to the triangular face. For this type of face shape is important to opt for a shape of the accessory to drop, which dampens the tones and softens the squared shape. If possible avoid the long pending and those that create disharmony in geometric shape (especially those in the triangle) that accentuate the angularity.

Finally, those with a square face should choose small earrings or rounded, not to highlight the shape of your face. Who in fact belongs to this category, is characterized by the face and jaw important. Fine hoop earrings, which will give the illusion of roundness. Avoid square earrings or any other geometric shape, which otherwise would show the angularity already present in the face. What remains to be done at this point? Diamondback in a specialist shop and look for the most suitable model for us.