It presents detailed how each end of the dilemma of how to dress for the big night of New Year’s Eve. Of course it always depends on which event we plan, but it’s a party in nightclub, a Gala dinner at the hotel or just a dinner with friends in front of a fireplace in a mountain cabin for the last evening there wants a dress code that is worthy. Besides, we all want to say goodbye to 2012 in style. And then there’s always our fashion said, who dresses well last year as well throughout the year.

And since we’re on the subject of glamor and glitter, what better way to browse through the ranks of one of the best collections winter? I’m talking about the brand beloved by us all: Twin Set by Simona Barbieri . A brand that we like for many reasons, starting from the soul fashionable and chic line up to the excellent workmanship of the clothes, to the original proposals and the beautiful dresses, culminating in the prices, which are for the quality of workmanship, a reasonable compromise. Let us see, therefore, the most brilliant and elegant clothes Twin Set to show off for the New Year 2013.


To dress up and be sexy for the last there’s no need to overdo it. The secret is the most easy and immediate fashion trick is to choose a mini dress or long dress if you go to a gala or an exclusive party by the stylish design and bright jewel details, to be exploited more than ever New Year. But if we want to put it more simply, and without spending a fortune, just opt for a little black dress with tailored, from fitting that caress the body shapes, and then play the whole glittering accessory.

Twin-Set by Simona Barbie catalog has lots Suggestions that do the job. Beautiful dress from the sixties silhouettes decorated with patterns of sequins, this dress is little else to create an evening look precious. To get away from all-black hand, is ultra feminine and sexy mini dress in the nude tulle with rhinestones to enrich, reminds me a little style Charleston so recently cleared through customs by designers. Perfect paired with the jacket in false fur, especially for those of us who will spend the New Year in the mountains. If you want to be original and break with the traditions of gold, black and red bets on a dress from turquoise shades, delicious that worked lace Twin Set (but wear it with high heels), and anticipates a trend that will be devoted this color on the marine environment during the spring 2013.