New year, new life and new wardrobe! With new I do not mean to get rid of the clothes you have but to adapt to the latest fashion trends that come to us for 2012 . Not yet started the year and we anticipate it and we are analyzing the new styles for the coming year. For example, in this article we tell you what the combinations of fashion 2012 : do not miss them! They say that one of the rules for dressing well is to achieve a harmonious combination of both garments with shoes and accessories of garments among themselves, the colors used etc. Knowing fashion combinations arriving for next year will be, therefore, a key to look elegant, stylish and, clearly, in time with the latest trends.

Neutral colors neon colors

Remember that neon colors were the rage in 2011? Well will remain in the fashion world in 2012, either alone or combined with neutral colors. Personally, I think this combination is great, since the use of bright colors , both in clothes or accessories like shoes, you give life to any look. How’s that gray shirt while you do not use a pink bag? Or a cream dress with electric blue shoes? 10 points!

Brogues + Tapes

Replaces laces ribbon ties in your brogues. The brogues, those lovely old style laced shoes that were so fashionable this year, but continue on the upswing with amusing variant we can update them. Feel like this trend? Be sure to use a tape firm enough to stay in place.


Flowers + Stripes

Combine different patterns was always criticized. Say you had to find the right style for a combination of printed work. However, this fashion rule has been reversed in recent years and now the mixture of flowers with stripes for example, are the must have for 2012 . Dare to combine a striped shirt with a summer skirt with flowers for a hippie chic look.

Long sleeves + metal Bracelets

Who said the bracelets are used nothing but the skin? This autumn winter 2012 can relive your summer bracelets using them over your shirts or long sleeves bags. When ready to use, push them up to make them tight in your arms. Undoubtedly, an unconventional combination ever imagined.

Gloss + Anything you

The gloss shine always knew overnight. But now the latest trends also allow us to use them for the day. Combine your little black dress , and any items you want, with a belt, purse or shoes with glitter. You’ll be the most striking of all! And also the most fashionable, of course.