Back to dress like in the 60’s? New vintage feel? Do you want to exit from the canons of fashion today and stand out from the group? Now with these few tips you can get out of the choir, dressed in an original way and be a real Hipster . So you can finally hear the original! Firstly you must absolutely avoid trendy clothes and instead choose non-branded clothes, preferably purchased or flea markets or shops used to sell vintage clothing . Do not mind much to the combination, because everything must be worn at random.

How pants can choose jeans, low rise for men and higher for women, any color and fantasy. You can choose any length, preferably above the knee for the man who decides to use them short. Once worn tight pants, do 2-3 lapels to show the ankle. For girls, you can also think of old clothes styled with lacy bra and stockings colored. In addition during the coldest you can match the colored leg warmers on top of the beautiful black stockings.


For the top we can provide with the style you prefer tank tops or blouses of various fantasies We can continue combining everything, depending on the season, with the flannel shirts in various colors possibly chess, or of sweatshirts zip cap and bright colors. You can expand your wardrobe with heavy cardigans, preferably with a scoop neck, with frog fastenings and of various colors, or with the old pullover with fantasies fun or with some bad designs.

Shoes and accessories: for shoes guidance directly on the classic Converse, which combine well with a dress from true Hipster , or on the boots motorcycle. For women, you can also think of simple ballet flats or ankle . Whatever you do is fair to say that a perfect hipster would never put the flip-flops. For accessories, you can pick whatever you want and gamble with necklaces of any kind , preferably wood, earrings of various kinds enough that they are large and showy. You can continue with hair bands headbands or very imaginative. Finally glasses with large frames and leather shoulder strap type, backpacks or belts.