And here you have a guide all in pink: yes, we’ll talk about high heels and the unbridled passion that the majority of women, or shoes. Without heels, with a plateau, with strap, boots, sandals. Almost every woman wants to have all kinds. A problem arises, however, you have found the shoes of your life and the heel is too high for you, it’s hard to carry or because fortunately you are already very high? No problem, your shoe will be changed, but just use some tricks. In fact, not all shoes can be cut and we’ll see why.

The solution to be implemented in the end is only one: unless you are shoemakers or not you have a husband who exercises the profession, go by your shoemaker trust. He will tell you if your heel can be shortened or not: many shoes in fact, do not have the heel shortened, such as those with the heel needle is too fine. For all the shoes that still have the option of receiving a “cut” on the heel, you can also overdo it.


Your cobbler is sure to be attentive to the care of your shoe, but on average you can shorten a heel of about 1.5 / 2 cm at most. That’s all I could, since for shoes with platform must maintain a “gap” between it and the heel. For more shoes devoid of plateau shortening of more than 2 cm is not recommended , since mainly the heel end up being wrong and why the aesthetics of the shoe was created on the heel that has imposed, and to amend it to make it too should be certainly less aesthetic.

That said, if you are there in the closet that you put your beloved shoes for a lifetime, but just can not stand most high heels, or if you just purchased and just would like to give it a rest (if minimal) run from your cobbler get and give advice. It is often claimed that a pair of shoes must have at least a heel of 12 cm : not true! Certainly the high heel makes women more sexy and attractive, but that does not mean that a pair of shoes with a few inches are not to be sneezed at, maybe even find that your back heel is definitely a lot better than when ‘you have purchased, regardless of the level of comfort in the most earned. So take a peek in your closet and choose which shoe to start immediately!.