Many of us have wondered how to wear the high-waisted skirt , model back into fashion bringing with it its elegance and a certain class which gives any woman chooses to wear it. Of course, after so many years of low waist trousers and skirts, sometimes too much, it’s hard to get used to a different head so that when worn the right way, as well as make you very chic, can improve and elongate your figure. First of all, it will be helpful to dispel a couple of common places that would associate the high-waisted skirts only to slender women. This is completely wrong because the high life helps to lengthen the figure and lean opportunities. Let’s see how we can match it to create glamorous look.

For the uninitiated, the high-waisted skirt is very suitable for women who have physical “hour glass”, with hips and shoulders pronounced not particularly large, because a lot of value to the waist. In addition, you must have a very good habit, especially when the skirt is a tube dress fitting on the legs. In short, with a high waist skirt will make legs look longer, you will emphasize your waist and you’ll look taller and slender. But what you can coordinate with a high waist skirt? Here all our tips for the combinations very fashion !


High waist skirt with shirt, a timeless classic

That your high-waisted skirt is classic or more modern tube and flared like this in the picture above, the combination with the shirt is always a winner. If you are very young you can opt for a light shirt, maybe with a few buttons that will make the look more casual but always chic. If the fabric is thin and fluttering, the shirt is inserted leaving out part of the fabric. Classic and always a winning combination of the high-waisted skirt with shirt, denim versions or perhaps with a white pattern: a perfect look for a formal situation but not too much, even to go to the office. Obviously, if the skirt is very long like this in the picture and you are not particularly high, we recommend a nice pair of heels.

High waist skirt with blouse

One of the classic items but at the same time the most fashionable of the season spring summer 2013 is the blouse . A very versatile and indispensable item in your wardrobe: whether you are young or more mature women, you have to possess at least one. Also, guess’ what will be the combination more cool ? Watch case it is of coupled blouse with high waist skirt: the result is a woman of beauty a bit ‘icy, austere but certainly elegant. Of course you can make your look less austere matching accessories chic but more mischievous. We advise you to imitate the draws of Tilda Swinton, who coordinated her look high-waisted skirt and blouse of wedges , much less demanding than a couple of pump shoes.

High waist skirt with tank top for a casual-chic look and youthful

We arrived at our absolute favorite pairing, perfect if your high waist skirt reaches above the knee and you are young: the tank top. It ‘a look proposed by designers and chosen by many celebrities, as you see in the image that portrays the lovely Lauren Conrad . Of course in the summer is one of the most popular look, especially when combined with one of the many top in pastel tones that fill the spring summer 2013 collections this year. We advise you to make your outfit even more glamorous by choosing high heels and long necklaces . You will be perfect for any occasion!