Today, the word most used by people is “money”, with the looming crisis, skyrocketing prices game with the DIY might be a good solution. More and more people are precisely that adapt to recycle any type of object from the more common even get up to the realization of shoes. Let us see how to build shoes with wood and skin.

To make a pair of shoes in wood with the addition of a strip of leather, could be useful based on a model already in our possession which, for various reasons it is confined in the bottom of the shoe and now for some time is not more worn. Let us now take our shoes and with the help of a screwdriver try to eliminate the studs that hold the narrow strip of skin. This operation must be performed with the utmost calm and accuracy to avoid damaging the wood. Once we removed the studs, we remove the old layer of skin, but do not throw it we will use it later as a mask. For a more accurate job we could sand the whole shape with a sheet of sandpaper fine-grained bringing the wood to its natural state.


If we want to change the location of the studs, we could also close the old holes with a coat of wood putty. Once you have finished spreading it, wait for it to dry completely, then sand always with fine-grained sandpaper, until leveling fully all the material. For a complete makeover could also pass on the shoe a coat of clear varnish to give it a new and modern look. We will now prepare the string of skin that will stop the foot. If we decide to implement it also in leather like the previous one, we should bring us to a store and look for what we need. If we want to completely change the look and switch to cloth, then we could bring us to a fabric store and buy the right material and durable.

Now take the old skin and produce a model of this paper, even better if in thin cardboard. Cut out the template and apply it now on new material that we bought, on the back with a pencil we draw the contours. With scissors, cut out the appropriate material and apply it again on the shoe. Naturally also the studs must be replaced, then we would have a way to choose both the color and the shape. We begin to apply them with a hammer buttressing medium in size. To perform this operation correctly, it would be appropriate to put the shoe in the vise so that while we will give the hammer does not move continuously. When the last boss has been applied, there will remain other than wearing new shoes and enjoy the new found modernity ..