The piercings are always seen by the company as a symbol of rebellion . The piercing is actually a great symbol that allows us to represent, in an external way, our soul. Making the piercing is, however, a choice that has to be done in a responsible way, which must be carried out by certified specialists. Once done piercing is very important to keep it clean to avoid any infections . So let’s see how to keep clean the navel piercing in the steps that follow.

navel piercing

For navel piercing healing time it is quite long, and ranges from 3 to 8 months. During this period the hygienic care of this part of the body must be more numerous and accurate. We recommend it to clean the area every 10 or 12 hours with the good antibacterial soap , removing any residual dirt that slips between the gem and skin. It is good rinse with a solution of warm water and salt called saline. You must also never touch the navel with hands are not perfectly clean. During the healing phase it is normal to the presence of small scabs that have to be removed gently after washing the part.

At the end of the healing phase (during which, among other things, it is not recommended to remove the piercing) the ablutions of the piercing navel can be reduced to only once a day. It still uses antibacterial soap and water. Still, you must move the jewelry gently to thoroughly clean areas that are normally hidden and carefully remove any dirt. It is not necessary, in fact, is not recommended to wash the navel piercing much more often. Irritation and sensitization phenomena could be caused just by this.

If the skin around the navel becomes sore, reddens or should form through spills of yellowish liquid, it is very likely to be in progress infection. In this case it is recommended to remove the piercing, because it could make the situation worse. However, it is essential to contact your doctor to begin any necessary treatment to speed healing. Normally they are prescribed the antibiotic treatment. Together with the antibiotic treatment will need to constantly clean the piercing.