The skirt is the garment of excellence for women. Nevertheless, some major designers ‘dare’ this garment even in the men’s fashion shows. We now we turn especially to women and how to choose the right skirt for their physical . There are many models of skirt on sale in stores or magazines as models of sewing to do at home. There really are spoiled for choice to buy or make one. But what we’re gonna really well and can stand our forms without us look awkward or ridiculous?

As there are many models of skirts: the pleated sheath, balloon skirts, knee-length skirts, long skirts, flared, straight with creases etc. In short, we can indulge ourselves with an infinite number of variations. The only problem is which one can stand on our physical , highlighting our strengths or hiding, if we have them, our faults. So, if we have a physical a little ‘plump hips, with skinny legs, you can opt for a balloon skirt. This type of skirt covers the upper part in an effective way, highlighting the legs which would be the first thing to be noticed.


If, however, we want to hide the legs a bit ‘bigger, the ideal is a long skirt with a soft fabric that goes around the hips, such as motion capture attention on the curves without showing the gavotte which are effectively covered by two inches of fabric along just below the knee. Let us remember that the colors and patterns have a very important role in the choice of skirt right : if we want to cover the extra pounds, the lines, especially vertical, and the darker colors can help us to ‘confuse’ the view of the extra weight. While if we want to stand out fabulous curves, then we can ‘dare’ of vivid colors and patterns more pronounced.

The short skirts, in turn, leave less room for the imagination, but if you have nice legs instead, why hide them under centimeters of cloth? There are many types of skirts (short or very short for disco nights, with the folds of fabric or soft and enveloping etc.. Etc.), in many fabrics (denim, leather, cotton, wool, satin, etc..). Of course, any kind of skirt we are going to choose for our body, it is important that this makes us feel good about ourselves and place.