The red lipstick is a universal classic and timeless that never goes out of fashion. Many of us, however, do not dare with this color for fear to draw too much attention. We must at all costs look like an icon of beauty like Marilyn Monroe to be able to lead, but just follow these handy tips, gain confidence in ourselves and understand how to use it.

The lips scarlet well done can, by themselves, constitute a complete makeup for our face, even they may distract attention from any imperfections. Also keep in mind that there are varying shades of red and so many ways to apply it to achieve effects are always different. So strength and courage and let’s see how to come to a nice red lipstick. First rule: the secret of choosing the right one is in the rest of your face. Obviously it is of fundamental importance the choice of the key: if you have a fair complexion you will get the best results with the plum color, while if you have a colorful Mediterranean will give you the warm reds with brown base. The more your skin is pale, the more your mouth stand out, so were read by eye makeup and with the blush, otherwise you risk looking like a clown. Avoid use only mascara and eyeliner (black for brunettes, brown for blondes and redheads).


If you are going out during the day and you’ll stay outdoors give preference to the most delicate red or light colors, while in the evening you dare freely with stronger colors. Be precise when you apply the lipstick never do it quickly, especially fairies attention to that there are no marks on the teeth after placing it, stick a finger in his mouth and gently remove any excess lipstick on the inside of the lips. In addition, the red lipsticks tend to drool: To prevent this problem, apply a bit ‘of concealer around the edge of the mouth, then outlined the contours of the lips with a pencil, then fill it with lipstick, applying it directly or, preferably, by a small brush. Finally cover with a gloss gold to give it heat and soften it, or with a pink gloss to bring it to the cooler tones. If you have difficulty with the classic lipstick and little time to apply them to art, know that on the market there are lipsticks in stick form , easy to use because the same product can either outline the lips that fill them. Still on the subject of the application, lately very few make-up artists are limited to a single hue, instead tending to them mixed to create the perfect color variety.