The make- up helps to improve and hide the defects of the face, especially for those who have too small a lipstick lips combined with a lip pencil will do wonders. Here are some tips to make up your face well, especially your lips.

When you have too little time to devote to trick you prefer to put a touch of lipstick and go. But when you are not very precise, and you put your lipstick in a hurry, immediately catch the eye of those we meet all the imperfections, especially if you chose a bright color.

So, in case you do not have enough time, the most sensible choice would be to remain “soap and water” and not put something here and there on the face imperfectly.

To get the perfect lips what to do? First you have to take care of lips always, always keep well hydrated and protected from the cold and direct sunlight. Always use a cocoa butter or a moisturizing balm for lips.

These products maintain the right moisture to the lips, keep the fleshy and soft. Once a week would be more appropriate to carry out an Aruba with honey and sugar to eliminate rough skin and dead cells.


To define the good part of the lips, use a lip pencil . It is essential to outline the contour to define well the part where you enter after the lipstick . The outline could be either of a lighter color and the color of the lipstick you choose.

Draw the outline trying to be as symmetrical as possible between the two sides of the lips, so as to correct any asymmetrical smudges that the lips might have. Fill now the whole outline with the same pencil used for the outline, in this way you are going to apply the lipstick will be uniform and will have a greater resistance.

If you have small lips , you can enlarge the lip contour using pencil and always trying to be as symmetrical as possible. Then filling the whole part with the same pencil will make sure that you do not see more actually ends where the real contour of the lips.

Apply the lipstick using small brushes bristles hard up for this type of use Follow this brush with all the coverage previously done with pencil, lipstick always drawing from the desired.

If you use the stick you do not have the ability to perfectly follow the entire contour of the lips as well as it is possible using a smaller tip and hard-bristled brush Start to tint the lips from the inside and then get to the most external Finally, carefully inserting a gloss on everybody’s lips.