The fashion this year is fresh and colorful, but also plays on transparency of a new material that looks out into the world of fashion plexiglass. It’s not about glass objects but simple plastic light, soft and transparent, but also stiff and a thousand shades. Eccentric colors paired with pastel colors that blend with the punk fashion grunge this year, This plexiglass colored with colors ranging from black and white to pink to red and ancient Scottish overlooking the runways around the world. But how to wear these new accessories , how to match and find the right style.


Let’s use it to exit at any time. We wear the shoulder bags on casual clothing , necklaces on the turtleneck visible, earrings, huge and showy matched with the colors of the clothing. They created entire lines in tune and then we will not have trouble choosing belts, coats, and even the shoes and clothes. This material looks very versatile and is used now to create everything. We went beyond the usual beach bags that were seen around now for some years. Important designers have chosen it as a symbol of the era of young, fresh and suitable for their parades of fashion . It is easy to wear and fits easily in all styles, from punk to grunge, to the elegant and delicate style of the great houses of fashion and jewelry. Let’s see how they wore the most famous supermodel.

Before I go for a walk around the world with the bags, then showed off all accessories , all the major fashion houses have dedicated their time and their attention to this amazing material. Accessories are available to everyone, suitable for both day and cocktails to gala dinners. Worn by teenagers in school and women over forty. They look great with jeans latest fashion, whatever its color, and stretch skirts worn with white shirts accolades. From shoes to necklaces, until you get use objects in home, plates, glasses, cutlery and kitchen accessories, all in plexiglass and adorned with prints and texture in bright colors.

Adorned with the most precious stones like gems, diamonds, rhinestones, beads, Pandora, rubies, zircons and also with studs and stapled to adapt to the latest trends in the market. The most important designers have praised this matter combining it with fabrics and draperies applied to the heels of their shoes, the bags, the clutch, the chains used to their every accessory.

The transparency combined with solid, fun, versatile must clear symbols of the fashion scene in this new season just arrived. Also used in the techniques from the many artisan handmade in Italy and in the world that misconstruction to devise models and innovative projects, especially original and unique and hard to find around. If you are passionate about fashion and go constantly looking for new and special to add to your wardrobe you can not just buy and wear these new and beautiful accessories refined and decidedly extravagant extras.