With the arrival of summer, the protection of the skin becomes an essential aspect of care of the body daily. In the beach , however, the dangers are lurking for the lips , very delicate and therefore sensitive to the aggressions of the sun , the heat, the sand and seawater.

The sun’s rays in addition to ensuring the body nice and healthy tan are dangerous to your skin , and especially for the lips . Apply a sunscreen alone is not enough to protect them. The lips are left almost always “discoveries” in front of the action of sunlight. Being completely devoid of keratin and melanin, with few mucus-serous glands and sebaceous glands, the labial tissue is a difficult to keep hydrated and protected from external agents. The results can be of different types: burns , cracking, premature aging, etc. The first thing to remember when you go to the beach is, therefore, to always protect your lips with a specific product.


To buy a product that can do for you, you can go at one of the many traditional supermarkets, it’s good enough to where you usually do your acquired. In special department can easily find what you need, such as a lip balm with filter sunlight . Be careful to never put the lip gloss that not only does not protect, you may get the opposite effect.

For the lips more susceptible to sunburn and cracking is better to consult a pharmacist pharmaceutical products for lips with sunscreen are equipped with substances able to stop the advance of a large part of the aggressive UV rays. To avoid problems you will have to follow the same principles also apply to solar products for the skin often repeat the application of the product, do not worry about “exaggerate” in it and buys the stick , the cream or the lip balm each year.