With the arrival of 2018, the expectations and goals that we want to achieve are renewed. A new time begins and it is time to fulfill all those goals that we have proposed in previous years. Lose weight, leave the candy, do mastery, renew our closet, find the love of our lives are some of the goals. We want to meet and for that, we will perform a small ritual with your clothes. According to the Chinese year, 2018 will be the year of the Land Dog. It represents the center the beginning and the purpose of each cycle. That why you must choose the precise color of your wardrobe to attract the energy you need.


Because each color has the ability to transmit and attract what you, want so much. The green color will attract your life hope, health, positivity, stability. Above all, it will open your way in your business. If you already have a business and it is not working, as you would like. I recommend a dress or suit in green emerald tone with golden accessories. On the other hand, if you are thinking of starting one, the ideal is to carry accessories in that key.

Money and good fortune

If what you missed in 2017 was, cash calm try the gold. This color will be perfect for you. It has the ability to call money and wealth. I recommend you wear a dress or blouse in gold. Combine it with white these two colors complement each other perfectly. If possible, receive the year with gold-tone jewelry. The black will be another of the colors. That will bring good fortune in the next year according to the Chinese calendar. You can make a perfect combination of black and gold.

Balance and Love

The red symbolizes love and sensuality if you want to find this 2018 this is the right color for you. For this, I recommend you wear accessories in red tones and of course your underwear. For you who are going through a love break. It is best that you know how to combine red with white. Since this color has the ability to give you peace and balance.

Personal growth

The blue part of radiate serenity, gives you a growth in your professional and personal life. Therefore, I suggest you take it in a short dress, pencil skirts or a beautiful coat. Remember: It is not just about looking good on that day, you should also use the clothes and accessories in a way that is useful for you choosing colors. That allow the vibes you want in your life to arrive without any obstacle.

Colors of luck

The person you could fall in love with in 2018, according to your zodiac sign Yes, for many it will be the year of the rebirth in the sentimental.


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