When we talk about the explosion of joy in fashion, neon colors appear with their powerful brightness. In 2009, the neon was a trend that came with great force and seized glass cases and entire collections. There was no possibility of ignoring him. Such saturation led to today return with a kind of moderation. We find it in details and accents, not necessarily discrete, but as part of a piece in which brightness stands out. Another reason for his return is the constancy of the sports chic as a proposal to dress. In sports areas, where pink chewing gum and lemon green predominate.

Trendy keys to look perfect

They were worn with neutral colors like black and white or garments in denim. If you are going to combine, choose maximum two tones. The classic aviator glasses never pass. Summer and warm climates invite you to infect by the reflective wave in orange, pink or yellow. Employees of the textile industry marched in the streets. They repeated harangues and raised banners. The recurrent words were ‘Asia’, ‘tariff’, ‘large platforms’, ‘taxation of the thread’.

The business manager Carlos Eduardo organizes the most important fashion fairs in the country. As a businessperson and a citizen, he has suffered the backlash of the tax reform and political conjunctures. It is one of the authorized voices when it comes to bringing fashion to people. Despite the low growth of the current economy, it is optimistic in the face of challenges. It takes and lives the fashion very seriously. It takes it out of the frivolous cliché that sometimes surrounds it. Its simplicity in expressing itself contrasts with its elegance.

Why is 2017 a different year for the fashion industry?

We hope that this second semester closes a little better, although it will not be enough to compensate what happened. We have had to be more creative, innovative, we have good allies, but clearly, this year silver has been scarce. The confidence of the consumer is low and, surely, we are going to close 2017 with very low levels of growth.

Why the political situation affects the guild?

Trust crosses all the links of society. In Colombia, a series of variables that discourage the consumer combined, forcing him to postpone decisions. We have been in a polarized country for a while, with tax reform on board. If you were going to change the car, you see it and it says, man suddenly with a little girl to the workshop, to make an adjustment, I can take another year”. This is the case with the refrigerator. The washing machine, the cell phone, travel, clothes. The only thing that has behaved a little better this 2017 is the entertainment sector, represented in bars, restaurants, cinemas. I call this phenomenon a store factor people are not risking long-term, but are buying a day, an attitude that slows down the economy.

We began to investigate and it turns out that the Italians. As well as the French and the Brazilians, when they refer to this sector, do not only speak of the textile and clothing sector of the fashion system. Because they understand that, it goes beyond clothing. The fashion system is gastronomy, music, cosmetics industry, art, cinema, tourism.

The relevance of fashion from the cultural and industrial point of view is very large. I am going to give you a daily example: at some point, we have left our homes without breakfast, but never, I believe, have left naked, unless there is an emergency. So, look at the importance and relevance of fashion. What happens is that for some people it is an industry that has its light side. If you dig deeper, you can discover what moves the industry.