If there is a prerequisite for becoming mannequin outside the purely physical and photogenic, it’s nice to know ask. But can we learn to ask? This is an individual work that will require you to perform, but we can still give you 5 tips to help you in your learning.

1. Above all, it is a matter of training ! Do not hesitate to lead you in the mirror to find poses that you emphasize and those best avoided. Pose, it is not innate, it is your discipline in your work that will help you make your own in the game.
2. If possible, it is advisable to be a photo model from time to time. This will allow you to create a book and therefore be in contact with many different professionals and ways of working. In addition, these shootings will help you develop your technique and get advice from experts who will be able to judge your performance and give you advice particular installation. Note, however, this only applies if you are working with true professionals.
3. You can also try to play your relationships to have access to a studio for a shoot. You can watch the professionals work, but also look carefully at the models and inspire their poses and requirements of the photographer to find yours. Feel free to take notes.


4. Do not forget to also work your facial expression. Needless to pose your face remains expressionless so, you will interest any casting director.
Consult sites model agencies to report to you the expressions of the models.
5. Remain natural despite the stress. course you will focus on your poses during the shooting, but that does not give you the borrowed air. You must appear spontaneous, comfortable and confident when you ask. If you’re not, it shows immediately! And you can imagine that agencies seeking stilted mannequins are not legion.

There is no miracle training to learn to ask even if some agencies say otherwise and offer internships for gold. It is here a question of work and experience. The more you advance in your career you seem more natural to ask, it’s all about training. In addition, a good photographer will tell you.!