Leaving aside the customs of each culture or civilization, fashion has existed since ancient times, making known the most appropriate options to dress globally. From this are broken down several factors indispensable for the choice of clothes that go according to not only with the person but also with the context.


One of the basic guidelines for these types of elections is undoubtedly the trends since they are the indispensable parameter for the creation of new garments and accessories that are going to look. On the other hand fashion is something very personal and requires a lot of creativity whether combining extravagant colors old styles very modern accessories unusual cuts in short a great variety of materials that offers us the means to construct designs that Be in line with the occasions.

The times of the year are indispensable factors for the creation of designs and styles that, under their own characteristics are adequate comfortable and that affect the buyers. To use extravagant materials in garments without a doubt is a very good sales strategy since at present more people opt for the eccentric than conventional or normal.

It should be noted that fashion is not only based on the way of dress, but is a very influential factor in the lifestyle of people. The interaction or combination of all these factors helps to shape the types of people who care about fit into society. It is indispensable and more at present to understand the perception of the great designers of the world who are at a global level who give life to trends in fashion and therefore are classified as the best not only by their Creations but also for its creativity its originality its styles the combination of materials garments accessories, etc.

It is of vital importance to take into account the perception of the common people as a fundamental weapon for the achievement of economic achievements because for each designer it is of utmost importance to create an advertising impact that catches the attention of the buyers. Each designer decides what garments to use in each season of the year with his or her respective materials, accessories and styles. All these factors have as affect the creation of proposals for each era that is excellent possibilities for the conflict that faces every human being daily: What clothes should I wear today?