The models parade girls are dreaming: physical dreams, insane salaries, designer clothes nothing like it to be the envy! But there is a separate category of “super models” to stamps foolish and even more everyday gilded the top models. This term legacy of the 1980s, feeding the dreams of thousands of young models. But what exactly is a supermodel? How to access this supreme gratification modeling career? What is a supermodel?

The top models are the top most requested models and better paid. They usually work for designers or houses highly regarded as Chanel and make the covers of fashion magazines around the world.
These models, usually women, use their celebrity to sign contracts with major brands, especially in the highly lucrative cosmetics and ready to wear, or begin careers as an actor. They are paid tens of thousands of dollars per working day, even for simple photo shoots. Becoming supermodel?


There is no quick fix or magic. Must obviously be first model, but there is no guarantee that you will one day embrace the career of supermodel. These models elite are only a handful in the world. The reasons for their success are often difficult to explain. Presence, grace, beauty. Something special innate that it is impossible to work. In addition, the term “supermodel” often incorrectly used, no longer quite the same meaning today than it was in the 80s, 90s or early 2000s, in fact, it no longer truly iconic model as it existed at the time. The job of top model is a trade in endangered species.

Some great supermodels

The top models are emblematic of the 1990s, including Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Laetitia Casta and Kate Moss. The latter is still a model, but it has diversified its business by partnering with the ready to wear Top Shop English example. This type of conversion is the hallmark of top models. In the 2000s, the supermodel best known and highest paid is undoubtedly Gisele Bundchen, which it also eying the garment sector. You’ll understand the job of top model is not learned, but rather a combination of strokes of luck and chance. Moreover, today, the real top models are becoming increasingly rare, so if your dream is to become a supermodel, first start by presenting you with model agencies. To climb to the top, you must first climb the ladder.