The physical hourglass is characterized by a rather narrow waist and marked and a breast and sides more or less abundant. Characteristic of the women of the fifties and sixties, if exploited in the right way turns out to be quite feminine. In this practical guide to style, I’ll explain how to dress in an appropriate manner.

The waist, a symbol of femininity and elegance, it certainly highlighted. To enhance it, choose the jackets or cache-coerce cut at the waist or under the bust, with small size and clean lines. Never make the mistake of using jackets or cardigans that go beyond the line of the hips because it would make a very bad effect bagged that penalize your body. Under the jacket put a sheath stretch simple, more marked in the waist and then with slip lines. Alternatively go well but straight to the palace of his pants leg. Complete all with pretty high heels and big as the models cone.


Very important is also the choice of coat for the winter season. The models to be avoided are those rights or in military style. No fastenings at double-breasted or even to Montgomery. Choose instead a head of medium length, perhaps connected to robe as the model proposed here in the picture. Stringiness well in life and in this way the breast will be enhanced. Below you can put your coat or cigarette pants or a skirt with a high waist wheel for an original vintage fifties. Match it to the opaque black stockings and cleavage classic medium heel, maybe paint. The bag will obviously be the same color as the shoes.

For an important occasion or for the evening, instead opting for a pretty dress. The ideal model for this type of physical slipped on the body, light jersey, maybe draped over the top, Choose a dress cut under the breast and a nice band that enhances the point life. The colors shown are black, dark blue and green oil. Put over the shoulders a stole in the same or a little cardigan embellished with some sequins. Complete the outfit with black stockings media coverage and very high shoes, open-toe or closed toe. Do not go overboard with accessories: just a bright long necklace style hat and a silk or taffeta lined in the same color as the shoes and you will be perfect.